A Case Study on Integration of an Existing CCTV Camera Setup

Dupesh Singh Saini

Dupesh Singh Saini is a BE Electrical from NIT Durgapur with Core expertise in electronic Security Systems. He is Owner of Sainicon Security Systems, a System Integrator in Jammu.

Background: Analog CCTV Camera System along with a mix of IP PTZ and fixed IP Camera

We came across a requirement from a Defence Unit engaged in International Border Surveillance with a unique requirement where they wanted to integrate a total perimeter spread over more than 3 Kilometres. All Across the perimeter they had set up CCTV Camera surveillance systems after every few hundred meters.

The challenge here was that we had to integrate all theses smaller systems, installed without the scalability option or integration in mind. And some of the existing setups were analog CCTV Camera while others were IP based camera. So we devised a plan to integrate all the points to a central control room which was about 4 kilometres away from these different setups.

Integrated CCTV Camera Solution

CCTV Camera: No new CCTV Camera was added only existing setup was integrated.

DVR: Old DVRs were replaced with latest ones to help us integrate the video feed from Analog devices like thermal imagers HHTI, Analog, HD CCTV camera or IP Camera.

NVR: The control Room NVR was chosen in such a way that the complete feed from various camera types, HHTIs (thermal camera), CCTV Camera etc was added, for easy viewing and operation.

Radio Link: As the area was riverine, hence we used Point to Multi Point Radio Link system, linking all points where old set ups were installed, to a Sector Antenna. The Specs of the radio links were carefully chosen for wind, lightning, bandwidth etc. The radio link acts as a link between the Analog CCTV Camera Setup and NVR.

Control Room: The Control Room Comprised of a Video Wall for easy visibility of each an every surveillance CCTV Camera.

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